A Committee Is Formed

I didn’t know the five strangers at our dining room table before today. In listening to their concerns and passion – similar to mine – for the issues impacting our community, I felt empowered, supported, and ready to take on the world.

Never before has what we’re doing been done, so it’s a really good thing we started. Since our once-thriving lake has turned into a glorified pond of weeds, we’re looking to protect the waterways that feed it. In not finding consensus with the 50 homeowners by email, we took it upon ourselves to form a committee, and met for the first time.

Hot off the press is the email Dave and I drafted, which we sent to the other committee members. Once approved, it will go out to the rest of the residents.

Good evening Hidden Lake Property Owners, 

Out of love for the precious resource we call home, and a desire to collaborate and create community, the Hidden Lake Preservation Committee met today at 1 pm. 

Seven people attended. The members varied from 30+ years of Hidden Lake living to less than a year. Those with conflicting schedules added their opinion by email, phone call, and even stopped by the Loibl residence. 

The committee has decided to move forward with the majority’s decision. The herbicide being  used is EPA-approved, meaning it poses more than one in a million chances of causing significant damage to the environment, wildlife, or human health if it were not approved. See the link here: Waterfront Herbicide Spray

Also discussed in the meeting was a spring and fall meet-your-neighbor lake clean-up day.

Action items include connecting with West Tapps Maintenance Company, Cascade Water Alliance, Lake Wilderness Preservation Association, and the Department of Ecology to understand legal options for water rights. As well as contacting residents of Lake Bonnney, Lake Debra Jane, and Lake Sawyer to learn from their experiences with similar goals. 

Our long-term goal is to improve our water quality and levels to ensure Hidden Lake is a beautiful place to live. 

If there are any thoughts or concerns, or to become a committee member, please contact (555)555-5555z

Thanks for showing up! Love, Jaclynn

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