Grow, Damn It!

Sad, Grinch-like barren trees line the approach to our house; someone before us buzz-cut their tops so they’re stunted. I don’t want stunt, I want growth!

The latest decision is what type of privacy hedge to get. 

I say let’s dig up, enrich the area with nutrient-rich soil, and plop a few Wax Myrtles or Portugal Laurels to get us rooting and rolling. But since neither will reach the 15’ stature we want, back to the drawing board we go.

Some clients slip into my care like greased-up bodies down water slides, ready for me to love and hug all over them. Others fight me tooth and nail, like my 5pm appointment.

After three weeks of silence, they messaged, “Have you forsaken me? Can I schedule an appointment?”

Then in session, they said, “It’s easy for you to leave and not take it home with you,” with a shrug and scratch of their head. “Actually, it was hard me,” I said, “When I didn’t hear back from you I wondered what I did.”

After a palm directly to the forehead and a dramatic shake of the head, they said, “Damn. You mean, you care.” And then immediately followed it with, “How many people have I assumed didn’t give a shit but did?”

I’ve been there; it’s a realization not seen until it hits you square between the eyes. However necessary it was for me then, I’d readily take experiencing personal growth and maturation from my seat in the audience instead of within the gladiator ring.

Take care. Love, Jaclynn

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