Why So Serious?

The crayon-written, scotch-taped on everything to-do notes are a memorable aspect of my grandparent’s cabin in Eastern, Washington. Affixed to heaters, the refrigerator, faucets, fireplace, and sliding glass doors were directions followed by asterisks, stars, and exclamation points that acted like gentle hands on your shoulder guiding you to the cabin’s best practices. 

Following in my grandma’s footsteps, I’m doing the same at our cabin, in an upgraded-fashion with a label maker and laminated sheet. 

My bus-living friend Peter taught me about systems when I traveled with him. After I placed a spoon in the sink, his German accent purred, “No, my dear. You must wash it and place it where it goes,” as he opened a wooden drawer containing the silverware. 

Considering another’s needs can be dizzying, especially if it means you have to set aside your own. But if a secure and healthy relationship is to be had, these are important and necessary steps to take. 

That’s why I’ll leave a welcome, and please remember sheet at the cabin this weekend. Knowing its guidance will set standards and accountability for our sanctuary space feels good to me. 

I want to send articles like this one to mental health-focused sites; I fear my content doesn’t have what it takes. What does it take? I need to push through the fear of failing for one, but I also need to investigate submission requirements, and clean up/add content to blog articles I deem worthy. 

Dang, fear is a funny one. I write here every day, but just imagining submitting to a publication sends my heart a thumping. That likely has to do with taking myself or my work too serious. If I believe myself to be a success with or without my work being accepted, I’m good. Right?


Love, Jaclynn

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