Zen Zone

Seated outside in the 40-degree air, I’m in my element, listening to the frog croaks, the hiss of the propane, and feeling the warmth from the fire. I’m a better hockey watcher out here too; spying glances through the sliding glass door of the Kraken playoff game that’s tied 1-1 keeps my nerves at bay.


Don’t mind me as I download my day’s stresses.

My work day was heavy, but I couldn’t figure out why, which bugs me. Is it the dilemmas clients are in and their unsolvable-ness?  

Also, a neighbor sent an update that a pond that feeds our lake continues to be filled in and that RVs are dumping sewage in it. This triggered me to reconnect with Garret Peck at the Department of Ecology. I feel better knowing he’s escalating things to the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department and Shoreline Management. But still, can we just stop the bleeding already?

There’s a calmer, it’s not serious, you got this aspect of myself I want to improve my connection with. Sitting on the deck with one thick blanket over my shoulders, and another straddling my knees is doing the trick.

I know there are other ways to achieve it. Like this weekend when I painted. Poorly. But the simple act of globbing colors in spots sparks an inner chill in me. What would it look like to bring water coloring into counseling sessions? I mean, I’m no art therapist, but I could be the therapist that likes art.   

I loved yawning in the cool air just now; It’s like breathing in Vicks VapoRub. 

It’s nice to just hang out and bring up whatever comes to mind. Earlier, I deleted a couple paragraphs that didn’t feel right, where I felt rushed, and my mindset was like a Tasmanian devil. Writing with deep breaths in between words while immersed in nature is way more my jam.

Dave’s looking at me from inside the glass door; he’s pointing to his chest and then to the projector screen. One of the announcers, an African American gentleman, is wearing a blue and white parka-like suit over a buttoned-down shirt that is opened to his navel. I can’t say I mind, so thank you, Dave, and thank you, sexy announcer guy, for the peek at your pecs and abs. 

I like being married. I once worried I’d have to sacrifice the quirky, eccentric, random, and out-there parts of myself, and that’s not the case at all. The opposite is true; I turn my misfit’s volume way up on certain days just to keep him on his toes.

However I came up with the idea to sit on the patio I want to thank myself. I needed this.

You know what I love about life, even in the thick of things, the darkest parts of the forest, the sun always comes up and shines us where to go. 

Thank you for dropping by tonight. I love ya.

Love, Jaclynn

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