Early Exit

If you know anything about Pinterest, you know the art of pinning things. I pin haircut ideas, house/garage projects, and thoughtful sayings in my boards. And then later, when I want my vision I know exactly where to find it. 

When attempting to pin writing ideas in my mind, it’s like a game of telephone where no messages get received.

I need a better system. 

With 25 minutes left until D&D starts, I’m typing as fast as a stenographer in a courtroom, or a live sports game closed caption writer. But there’s a little distracting toddler butted up against me, indifferent to my looming deadline, wanting to play imaginary.

If I end this post now (even though I feel guilty about it), I gain a pre-bed book reading with Evelyn and Dave.

I want that. 

Love, Jaclynn

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