Find Out What It Means

Respect and validation are wonderful gifts relationships provide, however they’re not one-size-fits all. Meaning, assuming or expecting others to know your needs is as fruitful as an apple tree in February.

I’m proud of the time I walked out of a tumultuous meeting with two colleagues. Taking the stairs down to street level I strolled Pioneer Square, with its ivy-covered brick buildings, and the Ride the Ducks tourists manufacturing duck sounds, and felt the boiling temperature guage within me settle.

Looking back, althought that talk was the nail in the coffin for our relationship, leaving with the least amount of scrapes and bruises, is what matters most to me. I knew I’d done myself a solid.

It’s no wonder while blasting mildew off the deck yesterday, my mind returned yet again to frustration about a recent choice to pretend like everything was ok.

Looking back, I wish I’d bailed.

I used the exit strategy when a mother/daughter counseling session escalated to the point my please stops went ignored. Standing, I grabbed my cup, exited my office, walked the hallway to the bathroom. There I filled my cup, caught my breath while holding eye contact with the mirror and then returned – to a much quieter room.

By words and actions I speak and show what I need. My philosophy is people will listen and adjust – I’m not unreasonable after all. Or I’ll take my spin into another orbit.

I’ll get off my soapbox, and return to watching the Thunderbirds compete for the Western Conference Championship. (They won 5-1!)

I appreciate you stopping by. Take care!

Love, Jaclynn

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