Forever Young

Even if I don’t use it, I need a plan. Being prepared for this week’s hefty client load means if I start to scramble, I know I’ll have a soft place to fall.

I’ll start writing progress notes before the week begins. Even though most I can’t input until after the session, the work I can do, I will. 

For some reason, that reminded me of the systemic failings that led to the crash of Alaska Airlines 261.

I was at my friend Laura’s that evening, and her Dad was on the school’s board, so he received the first in a chain of phone calls. With a grave voice, he entered the room where we hung out, “Girls, something serious has happened.” 

Knowing three people on that flight – two of whom I played high school fastpitch with – was beyond crazy-making. Still, to this day, I’m intrigued by the unfortunate decisions that led to such a major catastrophe. even going as far as a few days ago to read this fascinating article.

Anyway, following the crash, the next day in Enumclaw High School’s halls, friends of mine huddled together in tears, and then a week or two later, there was a memorial for the three far-too-young victims in the high school gym. I still can’t hear Forever Young by Rod Stewart and not think of Rachel Janosik, Meghann Hall, and Ryan Sparks. (Being good friends with Rachel’s brother Matt, I knew her favorite movie was “Hairspray,” Since I still have yet to see it, I just may have to find the time.)

Tragic is the only word for it. However shocking and sad it was, knowing grief’s pain far too intimately with my mom’s death, I believe I experienced it all as a lighter blow than my classmates. But who knows with grief, it’s such a personal thing.

A last check on the mower led to my knowing its secret handshake; five choke pulls before it ran. On my butt with a trowel in hand, I jam at the dirt, clearing away grass, weeds, and rocks that don’t belong. I pause when I hear the start of a small engine a holler out, but as it sputters dead, I feel the person’s defeat. 

With one period left and the Kraken up 2-0, I’m keeping a distance, set outside in front of a propane fire, spying glances through the glass slider, and hearing muffled sounds of “GOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL!” from Dave, Evelyn, and Cathy inside.

I better skedaddle, and do my prep work. 

“Be courageous and be brave, and in my heart, you’ll always stay, forever young.”

Love, Jaclynn

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