Believe In The Wind

My favorite aspect of vacation is sliding into its lazily laid-plan mindset, however, whenever I fish for it after the work week, my tippy toes never quite reach.

Today was different.

On the outdoor patio I watched movie after movie, swung in the hanging chair, kayaked, talked to a neighbor about nothing in particular, and drank a chocolate milkshake. And if all goes well, there’s a similar forecast on the docket for tomorrow.

Man, this breeze is nice. Despite it being 85 degrees out, the winds fluttering the trees’ leaves and sailboating the tarp overhead is incredible, it’s like living on the ocean. Speaking of, I found a kite in the garage, a huge butterfly, one both Dave and I didn’t know existed.

What if I flew it right now?!

Ok, I did it. The half-ass wind spurts didn’t provide the consistent oomph I needed for kite flying. Thankfully the bubble-spewing machine, via the blue Mustang Amazon driver, came just in time for an evening popping party.

Dave’s birthday is in a week; it’ll be his 40th. How can I make it memorable? I just asked him and his thoughts are, “I don’t think it matters, it’ll be memorable no matter what.”

“Believe in the wind.” I don’t know why I said this to Evelyn earlier, but when she asked how to get the kite in the air, it’s what came out. Whatever I meant, I liked hearing myself say it.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. Love, Jaclynn

PS I just received a first message from a potential conversational partner on my Spanish app, and I must share it. “When I meet new people, I immediately start talking about global warming. It is a real ice breaker.”


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