Move That Stream

Pizza-making festivities are happening around me as Evelyn lies sprawled across my chest, watching Cinderella. This morning I received a Rastafarian-like beaded necklace from her that says, “I Love You Mom,” and it’s been around my neck all day.

I’m on sneeze -and I’m not kidding – 65 or more for the day. My illness has progressed to dynamite blast achoos that feel like mini yet satisfying panic attacks.

After family home-cooked pizza dinner and dessert (homemade vanilla ice cream, fudge, and peanuts), I received side looks from Dad, Paula, and Dav after snapping the seat belt around my Mother’s Day black-eyed Susan plant. So what?! Just because a plant can bat an eyelash at me, and I know it needs watering, does not make me a weirdo.

Does it?

Earlier, my dad told an exciting story about the Enumclaw Golf Course five-million-dollar project to reroute the creek that flows through it. Half the money is grants from the Puyallup Indian Tribe, and the other is from Washington state. Both have interests in the river due to its active salmon spawning areas. It’s not only diverting it that costs a ton, but they must also replace the native plant life.

You guys, I am so stinkin’ tired! Last night, in a loving mom mood, I, unfortunately, said yes when Evelyn asked to sleep with us. Little did I know that she had a counter-clockwise scissor kick move in her arsenal, one that, as soon as I’d slip back into unconsciousness, she’d hit me with right in the neck. Which left me in a zombie-like headspace this morning and throughout the day. Dave, the intelligent man he is, escaped to the couch, leaving himself with minimal battle scars.

Lastly, I walked under the wooden crossbeam to the duck area. Often the ducks fly onto the beam and sit, so I have to walk under them. Today it was the drake, and since his anus was a little too close to my head for my liking, I sang this classic by Simple Minds aloud, substituting the lyrics with, “Don’t you shit on me.”

I could be the next Weird Al!

Alright, good night. Love, Jaclynn

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