Virtual Insanity

You don’t want to write right now. The thought puts its arm around my shoulder, all buddy-buddy-like, pushing me to do anything but open my laptop.

I prefer to put the two-plus hours in the passenger seat to good use, but the thought is onto something, so blankly, I stare out the window at the rural landscape.

I like this stretch of one-way, two-lane road through downtown Hoquiam. The houses stand close together like soldiers in line and are in all sorts of disarray and decay.

The salty air and wet weather don’t take it easy on anyone or anything around here. There’s grit in the people on the sidewalks, heavy canvas coats, oversized beanies, and dirt under their fingernails. A night out, maybe, is to the local tavern or Pizza Hut.

What if now is the perfect time to? The thought is a challenge to the earlier one, and moments later, my hand pulls my laptop open.

Our Acura passes a box truck labeled “United Salad Company” on the freeway. Dave read the words aloud, so I look up from my laptop to see, and with nothing but time, I decide to Google the name.

Turns out its roots are – not surprising – in the Pacific Northwest, and was founded by a woman named Mary Spada during the World War II era. I learned that Mary experienced and observed firsthand the amount of time women spent going to work and coming home to prepare and make dinner. She had a simple goal, to provide produce that required little preparation.

The website states, “With $15, a flatbed truck, and a bathtub, Mary began washing and prepackaging salad to sell to women in the area. She spent many an hour bent over that bathtub.”

Today the company has over 400 employees, 120 trucks, and 200,000 square feet of warehouse.

I love hearing about company’s origin stories. They remind me that great things start somewhere.

I’m home now and watching USA VS Canada women play hockey in the Winter Olympics. It’s ok, but I’d much prefer to watch ice skating, curling, or the crazy acrobatics of the big air, half-pipe, and slopestyle.

Just a note: I’m onboarding several new clients this week. It’s nothing I can’t handle, but my bandwidth for the blog might be limited. I’ll keep doing the thing, I promise, but I can’t promise the world.

Oh, and I’m banned from virtual poker. It’s self-imposed. I’ll be ok, I think. I’m banned until I do the final edits for a podcast I’ve been sitting on for far too long. Wish me luck.

Anyway, time to finish my book. It’s super good and looks like it’ll get the Seafood Fettuccine. I’ll let you know later.

Peace and love.


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