Squeaky Wheel

I have the fuzzies from staring off in the distance. How would you describe the stares? For me, reality gets all scrambly, and it’s like tv is bustling with red and black ant-like pixels.

It was a perfect day today. Although there were no grand slams or home runs, a solid bunch of base hits has left me feeling good. I plan to soak in it for the remainder of the evening.

I like Sundays – which has not been the case in the past. It’s usually been an “oh shit!”, brace against it like I’m about to smash into the car in front of me kind of day; knowing Monday and the rest of the week’s demands are going to be too much.

Since then, I’ve learned the art of curating my schedule. I’ll admit it’s still far from perfect, but I’m on it, and pretty proud of how well I delegate and maintain balance in a day.

I blogged not long ago about the frogs behind our house. Words can paint a lovely picture, but tonight I’m taking it a step further. Knowing you might enjoy it, here is Frogs: Season 1, Episode 2.

I’m going to cut this one short tonight; I have a lil’ gal waiting patiently upstairs on the bedside table for me.

You guessed it, I’m reading a new book. It’s called Piranesi. Although we’re still in the getting to know each other stage the reviews make it clear it’s only a matter of time before, I too, will likely succumb to her charms.

Lastly, remember the new hamster we got the other day – Miss Billie Murray? Well, she’s the reason for the post’s title. Note to self: WD-40 that thing tomorrow.

Well, thanks for dropping in. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Love ya,

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