Maximum Mayhem Mama

Do you know dogs and the zoomies? Well, whenever the duck’s pool water is newly filled, they too get the zoom-zoom-zooms. It’s as if the holy spirit bursts through them like a laser light beam, and their body can’t handle the power, so they become a projectile device moving without coordination or care.

I feel like that a bit. A take-on-the-world, don’t hold back and blast me deep into lovely space kind of mentality.

During a break at work, I watched a video of Adele on stage answering a question about a teacher that inspired her. And then, surprising her after 20+ years was the teacher, and the moment between them was incredibly inspiring and touching.

Since this zip zap won’t last forever in me, how should I take advantage of its magical powers?

Well, so far, I’ve smiled big and said good morning to several people, I’m writing this post earlier than usual, and I’m looking up referrals for a teenage client in need of additional care. All in all, I’m getting some good stuff done.

As for tomorrow, the plans involve completing the raised beds, getting a pickup full of topsoil, and a dump run.

I’m ready for it! For now, at least. “Tomorrow Jaclynn” is like Tomorrowland at Disney; you never know how awesome it’ll be. But fingers crossed she’ll be on board for maximum mayhem.

Lots of love,

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