Subbing Support

I was precisely what the underappreciated hair-in-a-bun, visor-wearing sandwich artist needed. “You aren’t the problem.” I said, shaking my head, “That’s all them.” Hearing how the previous customer’s outburst impacted her, all for enforcing the policy of not accepting cash over $50, I couldn’t help myself.

I hope my reassuring words counterbalanced the negative interaction.

Moments later, I sat at a booth eating my Great Garlic Rotisserie 6-inch on Italian herbs and cheese and listened in as she told a customer that their favorite artist got fired. He was bummed about it too! “She used to pile like 80 pepperonis on there,” he said.

Note to self: If I don’t have something to write about, head to Subway.

Back at my office, I experimented with soothing, non-distracting music in sessions. The first client “loved it” and the second – a couple – didn’t even notice. I’ll take that as batting 1.000.

Last night’s shower, hair drying, straightening, and laying my clothes for today was quite the treat to wake up to. Starting my work day with a supporting hug sure felt nice. I have already laid out my clothes for tomorrow. Insert smiley face here.

My heart goes out to my best gal pal. She’s begun working at Western State psychiatric hospital and is concerned about how to wear her hair so patients have less to grab. An interesting dilemma to be in, and a bun it is!

Well, our time must end. Bedtime I must. Night night.

Love, Jaclynn

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