I Got A Golden Ticket

“Check your lottery tickets! Someone in Washington state won the big lottery!” A Facebook friend’s post reminds me that the Willie Wonka golden Powerball ticket has yet to be found. The pressure is on! A mere 15 minutes by car or 1 minute by plane, makes my tummy flutter at thinking it was sold so close at the Auburn Fred Meyer.

“That’s too close for comfort,” I tell Dave who’s in thick of his Nintendo Switch playing. Then – as always – he showers me with logic, “If you’d bought one, you know you’d not have any better chance because…” I tune him out. Because, yes, I know.

But seriously, though, do people actually still buy lottery tickets? And if so, who are these people?

Just as I suspected, “Those who can’t afford them.” Google’s top result is a survey showing that 30% percent of people earning less than $30,000 a year play.

The article also says one has a better chance of getting hit by an asteroid. Really? People also get hit by asteroids?

My dang dad and his banker ways favored saving instead of spending, so instead of ice cream, I selected the bank for my shekels.

I get it, I get it. We don’t all have banker fathers, but I sure wish we did. There’s a discipline required in saving, one that teaches us to respond to tantrumming tyrants of now with a ‘There, there. You must wait.”

Not at all related to money is this post’s photo, or my favorite place to counseling. I rarely do it, but when I sit on the floor, it’s a treat. Like a toffee coffee blizzard or stuffed crust extra cheese Pizza Hut pizza. Feeling frisky and fun with full on stretching is my jam while in session.

PS If you’re the winner please message me. With all my talk about food earlier I could use pie sent my way. Thanks.

Love, Jaclynn

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