Paying It Forward

Walking into the Italian restaurant for Evelyn’s want of “noodles” led to my holding her little hand as we followed the long swinging pony-tailed waitress back to a booth. On the way, eyes fell on us, and I felt conscious of a new sensation, Do they see me as a single mother?

Thinking that led to a shift in my mood, from a fun date out with my girl to a slight pity at my imagined situation. Our dinner was lovely, with smiles and waves and kind words from others. Yet I wondered, had the strapping man, aka my husband, been at our family’s side, would the waitress have pronounced, “Your bill has been taken care of,” at our meal’s end.

I feel psychologically stretched from a long workweek. If you’re curious about what that’s like, hook a pointer finger on each side of your mouth and pull. Not to the point of breaking the skin, but enough to get it nice and tight.

Do you recall the mini rubber chicken day? Well, I wrongly accused an innocent party. Therefore, the Clue game – Client K,” with the rubber chicken in the therapist’s office – is wrong. Back to scratch.

Be honest: Would it be weird to mass text all my clients, “Heya! Did you happen to leave a mini rubber chicken behind for me?”

Do I want to have goals for this blog? I recoil at the thought, the eight views, more or less, per post feels safe. I need safe, I think.

For now, anyway.

Thanks for listening. I hope you had a lovely day. Love, Jaclynn

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