Make That Shit Magical

You know how people say, “That’d make a good band name” or “That’d make a great t-shirt?” Instead of simply agreeing and moving on, I actually did it. Not the band name, the t-shirt.

After calling a friend to talk my anxious feelings down, she was all about self-care. “Put on slippers. Get comfy. I take a bath, and it’s a real treat when I stay in for 45 minutes and fill it with more hot water. You gotta make that shit magical. That’d be a great T-shirt, me in a bath, and a box of Cheez-It’s.

Designing the image, picking a shirt size, paying $20 by credit card, and sending it with free shipping were stupendously rewarding. That she will receive it and wear it is a cherry on top.

No accident is RuPaul’s face on the Cheez-It box. Not only have this friend and I been to RuPaul’s “Haters Roast” at the Moore in Seattle together, but we also went to this in June of last year.

It’s perfect.

Speaking of fun, I stumbled upon Jaron Myers’ video parody of Chic-Fil-A. It’s clean and funny, and it wasn’t enough. So I watched a ton more of his stuff, including a blind date he went on on stage; then I showed them all to Dave and vowed to go if he tours nearby.

Some people hit you in the right heart spot, and you bond. That’s Jaron, a random internet sensation guy I now call a friend.

Tomorrow both my parents and Daves will be here for breakfast, all Evelyn’s grandparents in one place. A sugary French toast casserole and eggs benedict are on the menu. The conversation will likely center around my parents’ recent river cruise to the Netherlands and Belgium and any upcoming cruises the couples have planned.

Oh, and the Easter egg hunt went better than expected. I know you worried I’d lose my cool, and I thought after staring a little too long at an overflowing basket, I would too. But I remembered the mantra I created in yesterday’s post and found my inner zen.

I’ll let you know in 8-10 business days what she says.

Take care. Love, Jaclynn

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