Pet Peev’day

If I’m honest, I hate it when people say, “If I’m honest.” It’s one of the few statements that, whenever I hear it, I immediately question a person’s honesty.

Tonight’s post is dedicated to a small sampling of my pet peeves, in no particular order.

Mary Kay Pink Cadillacs
Inconsiderate cigarette smokers.
Being called “hon”, “honey” or “dear”.
Naturally physically flexible people.
Mid-February in Washington.
The State Fair food prices.
The chronic late-the-party person(s).
Kim Kardashian.
Pampered Chef parties.
Dogs that wear clothes.
People that try to pet bighorn sheep at National Parks.

I’m in one of those moods that I mildly dislike myself. I think it’s from driving by an old friend’s house. She’s someone I’ve known since I was like seven.

Last year when I realized I’d moved relatively close to her, I reached out, and we planned to get together. When the time came, I messaged her and got nothing. I’ve reached out since and more crickets.

So, Jaclynn – you might say – this is obviously a her issue, not a you one. And I completely agree. But still, I can’t help it! What did I do!?!

Also, I’m excited to announce a new pet has entered our home today. Please welcome, Miss Billy Murray, a fancy hamster and a “quite rare” one at that (according to the 19-year-old self-proclaimed “animal specialist” worker at Petco). There’ll be an unboxing later, once she’s settled in.

That’s it for tonight. ❤ Jaclynn

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